Our outdoor site is dedicated to intense skirmish and milsim days for you to enjoy, with detailed but easy to follow game scenarios.

We operate over a large woodland area, with a western street a bridge and a CQB Village with constant seasonal changing low level vegetation the site will offer different styles of game play through out the year. 

By choosing Combat Ready Airsoft to spend your day you'll get great value for your money combined with a fun exciting experience.  


To book on, please use the products at the bottom of the page.

Prices from 08:30 to 16:30 (4:30pm)

Full day with hire £45

Full day walk on £30  (with own kit)

Rentals  include: 1x rental gun 1x mask 1xmag of ammo approx. 350 rnds lunch free on booking in (When covid allows)

We will need you to book your place at least 3 days in advance if you require a rental due to no retails being kept on site

The Jungle


Adrenalin Jungle Activity Centre,
Deerdale Lane off A614,
North Nottingham,
NG22 8SY

Please note our site can ONLY be accessed directly off the A614 so if your SatNav is trying to bring you in any other way its going to get you lost!

jun 1
jun 1


A busy fun day at Wildpark...
A busy fun day at Wildpark...

jun 1
jun 1


All players must now download

Combat Ready Airsoft Waver & return to Julie.craft@combatreadyairsoft.co.uk


  Failure to do may result in no games played.

Due to Covid-19 & all arrangement's put into place NO refunds are offered on places booked.