COVID-19 Guidance

                       Combat Ready Airsoft


Please see the following guidance what you must follow in order to take part in our events.

As always our top priority is safety & that leads to the enjoyment of the day and a good day had by all.


Before attending a day if you think you've been in contact with any situation arising from covid-19 do not attend if you have had any the symptoms of covid-19 do not attend if you developed a cough a high fever do not attend.


We strongly recommend that you avoid car sharing if possible with members of other households if you can't we recommend that you take any precautions necessary in line with government guidelines to get to site.


All bookings and payments will now be done prior to the game if you wish to purchase during the game bbs or pryo it will be by means of PayPal or bank transfer cash will be taken if you have the exact amount.

Your waver must be filled in online and sent to Combat Ready 24hrs prior to any event.

Marshall's are not taking liability for you,  we will not be handing paper copies or handing pens over.


When arriving on site please observe the 15 mile an hour speed limit as normal be patient as when you get to the the car park a member of staff will put you in a bay, this is where you work from for the duration of the day while you are on site. you will eat lunch prep your weapons & wait to be called forward for games from your bay.

Food and drink are NOT being provided, the shop will be closed. (Bbs & pryo available only)

due to the risk of heat and exertion. we strongly recommend that you bring drinks & any food that you want to consume on the day including your lunch.

(You will need to store your food & drinks in your vehicle or bay)

When chonoing you will be observed from a safe distance if you can't you will have to step back 2 meters where test 2 will be done you will get to fire the second shot and this will continue with the third.

When transiting to the game you maybe in the groups of the car passengers that you came with but if you are struggling to keep up keep 2 metres apart from other players.

We are adopting a 3-meter no shoot rule, we are not having any melee weapons on site so should you have come into close proximity less than 3 metres do the gentlemanly thing retire 5 meters and start again always be aware of your surroundings to try and ensure that you don't come close to other players.

Using the toilets, we strongly recommend that you wear some form of face shield this is not your playing protective equipment this is some form of surgical face mask anything to stop the transmission of particles spreading while using the toilets.

Smoking is on the same rules unless your with the members of your car 2 metres apart from everybody else.

In this time of covid we strongly recommend that you try and keep calm we know it's going to be hard because of the heat but for any reason any game play becomes aggressive we will simply ask the player to leave & if they are with a car of passengers they will have to leave as well we wish to avoid this so please keep your cool on site.

please ensure that your guns are good to go & you have spares & spare batteries too as we will not be able to loan equipment.

We will be issuing hand sanitisers for when you go into the toilets & around points near the car park should you need it but this is all we plan to provide should you require any of your PPE as in protective face Shields surgical mask gloves this will be down to your individual preparation but we strongly advise that you do bring it along with you on the day.

Thank you.