Game Site And Games play. 

Site membership & UKARA


Site members should play 3 to 4 times a year minimum 3 hours a time this is our definition of frequent player.

To qualify you must do the meet the following standards. 

1.  Have played 3 games over a period of time of more than 56 days. (not less than 2 months)

2.  Be over 18. 

3.  Have a verified home address & date of birth. 

this falls in line with the home office declaration you must sign.

4. Visit the site and play frequently through out the year 

£10 per year.

Player decoration: I confirm by signing this application form that I am a legitimate Airsoft player who frequently attends Airsoft war games ("skirmishes" *Home Office definition*), and that the details on this form are accurate and correct. I confirm that I hold a current and active membership with a UKARA approved game site, and that the named site does hold, to the best of my knowledge, a minimum of third party liability insurance for Airsoft activities. Should I change or cancel my membership, I shall notify a member of UKARA immediately. 


Also as a site we are not to

1. Register players on behalf of other game sites. 
2. Register parents or guardians of underage players except where they qualify by right. 

Any member found to be breaking the law or getting banned will forfeit his or her membership (without refund.)

Our camera and media agreement 

This is an agreement between Combat Ready Airsoft and the person who has signed below. The agreement state that all picture images video and audio taken on any of Combat Ready Airsoft events or site must remain the property of Combat Ready Airsoft until till they have been screened and released By the Managing Director or nominated staff. This is to ensure that:

  1. All participants are willing to have their person place on any social media.

  2. The person sign this agreement does not intended by direct action or accident to harm the company or its reputation.

  3. Special venue may have parasitic rule these are to obey the rules and they will be briefed before each event.

  4. All media has been screened and checked it’s good for release.

  5. Should combat read Airsoft ask the media to be removed from the internet the person below must do so with out hesitation.


Any Breaches of these rules may result in legal action being taken against the said person.

Agreement declaration: I agree that and picture image video or audio files will be sent to Combat Ready Airsoft before I make them public to be checked I will accept any consequence should I breach this Agreement.

Liability Disclaimer For Combat Ready Airsoft Activities

 I fully understand the risks involved and I agree that, except in respect of death or personal injury resulting from negligence of Combat Ready Airsoft, their employees and agents, I shall have no liability for any loss arising out of or in connection with my participation in the activity howsoever this may arise or be caused, in particular from any other player in the game. Volenti non fit injuria’ i.e.; by partaking of the activity I accept the degree of risk.


I understand that airsoft is an active sport and so far I am aware I have no medical problems that will increase the risk of injury to others or myself. I recognise that there will be natural hazards in the site including fallen and falling trees, dead branches, sharp objects, holes, bridges and potentially water. I also understand that bb’s may bruise or break the skin and may cause injury to teeth. I accept the risks of injury and also absolve Combat Ready Airsoft from any liability in respect of such injuries or damage.


By paying my fee I accept this disclaimer, agree that I will have attended a safety briefing and will obey site rules that have been clearly addressed to me because they are for my own safety and failure to comply with these rules may result in me having to leave the game without a refund. I also accept responsibility for the safety equipment supplied and will return the same, in good condition at the end of the day. Deliberate damage or loss could result in me paying for the said items. I can confirm I am wearing boots/other footwear which will provide full ankle support (no alternative)


you must Confirm that you are over the age of 12, I have read, understood and agree to the above and participate in the activities at my own risk.

if under the age of 16 a parent or guardian must counter sign the agreement waver.


Photos are taken during the day and may be used for advertising purposes. All images remain the property of Combat Ready Airsoft. Photos can be found on our Facebook page a day after the game.

Please initial a box to give consent to your photo being taken.

 special dietary requirements for those who need so as we can prepare food if needed 

 Full Face masks are advised for all players. If the player is under the age of 18 they must wear full face with no exception. Over the age of 18 Minimum here is eye protection.

 Foot Wear must offer good ankle support. The ground is very uneven and full of pot holes which may cause lower leg injuries. High leg boots are highly recommended.

 We also advise that you wear Gloves, Helmets and Knee Pads here for your comfort but these are optional only. They do not need to be warn.

 Health and Safety Advice For these reasons please DO NOT:

climb tree or buildings or barricades use vehicles dead or live

 Also take care when negotiating obstacles the maybe slippery or wet so slow down no running

 Any injury sustained on the site should be reported before departure.

 should you agree to reuse this waver. it will stand every time I sign on at combat ready airsoft ltd


Safety brief 

All participates will be given a mandatory safety before they begin playing this will be done through a short 11 minute video and with the watchful eye of a marshal. this cover fire and emergence's for those attending.

Game play 

All player will follow site rules and play with the highest honesty and integrity we expect from the sport.  

We do not allow.

  • Alcohol or drugs to be used or consumed on site at all.

  • Abusive or foul language Aggressive behaviour or physical violence to other players or staff.

  • We do not allow any bbs under .2g or cheap nasty ammo if found you will be kicked off site you have been warned! Random mag checks will carried out.

  • Any person caught cheating weather it be non hit taking or cheat calling. may be asked to leave site either for the day or for a short duration of time  or even in the most extreme a life time ban may be imposed.
    abuse to staff in any form will not be tolerated with the offender being removed from site. treat them as you expect to be treated.

  • theft of any kind we reserve the right to bag check should the need arise.

Health & Safety.

  • There is no dry firing to be done in the safe zone at all.

  • Take care on stair well.

  • Keep all shots level NO targets are overhead height.

  • Doors open or closed policy also cannot be held shut. No kicking must be A4 paper size to fire thorugh.

  • No moving or over turning furniture.

  • No climbing ladders. Landing over hang observation only

Safety ​

  • Should you feel the need to stop the game on safety point or hear STOP shouted?  If goggles should come off, put your hands over your eyes drop to your knees shout a marshal over and wait.

  • Toilets are on the second floor and out of bounds.


  • Full Face for all players is mandatory here, out door over 18 yrs may wear eye protection only be at your own discretion and risk.

  • Foot wear boots must offer good ankle support. trainners at your own risk

  • Please cover all arms and legs. exposed at own risk. 

  • We strongly. Advice Gloves, Helmets, and Knee Pads these are optional only.

First Aid.

  • Any injury during the game, you must report it to us before you leave.

  • Please state any medical conditions to myself before the game starts.


If any player has a radio like ours you must not interfere with marshal channels


  • All pyrotechnics brought to this sit needs to be checked by the lead marshal. Whether it be disposable or a BFG anyone not complying with this may be asked to leave it in the safe zone.

  • The only disposable pyrotechnics allowed on this site is Enola Gaye and TLSFX. (BANGS ONLY) smoke outdoors only

  • A disposable pyrotechnics is classed as a firework and therefore not allowed to be used by anyone under the age of 18.

  • BFG’s must be thrown under waist or posted at all times. Give Demo

  • BFGs on stairs must be thrown into the corners

  • You must fight your way back to your grenades to retrieve it. unless outdoors

  • Use your own grenades only. Any bang your dead. Unless you’re behind hard cover outdoors 10 meter range

  • All pyrotechnics must only be used in the game zone! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Complaints or queries

  • If you have any please see a marshal if not a lead marshal or Julie the MD


  • Marshals are not targets. If a marshal is in your line of fire, please ask to move.

  • The marshal’s word is final.  Do not ignore any instructions from any of my staff

  • We are here for your safety, fair game play and to ensure your day runs well .

shot policy

  • Single fire night all weapons on single fire no exception

  • Full auto any weapon can fire however they want 1 sec burst max

  • Shot gun pistol only no grenades

Kill Rules.

  • A HIT… is a BB directly hitting you anywhere on you or your kit from your head to toe. This is from a single round to a burst (please aim for the body where possible.)

  • Hit Taking once hit shout Hit! And follow your Regen rules.

  • A grenade launcher fired into a room will clear the room.

  • Knife or Bottle kill are done silent players do not shout hit just raise your hand

  • Silent kill both hands on a player’s shoulders 

  • Ricochets do not count (unless you get multiple upon you.)

  • team kill if nothing said both are hit. if one try to confirm only player hit is out.

  • Cheat calling. If you have a problem call for a marshal and we’ll deal with it. If not, you’ll be sent to regen first.

  • Blind firing is not to be done at any point you must be looking down your weapon or sight when firing Give demo.

  • Dead Men Do Not Talk.

   Parlay rule

 If a player gets the drop on you and you don’t want to be shot you may call yourself hit.

    If a player does call hit please do not shoot him or her. Same as if you have called hit on this rule follow your re-spawn for  that         game

Honesty shot policy.

  • Honesty shots. We will conduct random honesty shots. If you’re hit by this system you will be told to stay in the game.

  • If we get a big surge in non-hit taking this will be stepped up for a short period to try to sort the problem. But will be cut as soon as possible. 

The right to refuse entry.

   We reserve the right to refuse entry for the following reasons:

  1. If player has broken the rules and is on a ban (weather this be a day, three month or life time.)

  2. If player is under age 

  3. If player is abusive to staff or other players.

  4. If we believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. (decision by lead marshal or owners only)

  5. If the said person is a known trouble causer.

  6. any other reason deemed necessary by the owners to protect the good reputation of our site.


   Refunds will mainly be done through game day vouchers. 

  1. If said player has personnel problems leaving early having played. 

Cash refunds are only:

  1. If a players dose not wish to participate directly after the safety brief and immediately leaves having not played (less any deposit.) 

  2. If Combat Ready Airsoft cancels an event.

  3. at the owners discretion 

NO refunds:

During COVID-19 Full payment will now act as your deposit to secure your place no refunds will be given on theses booked places unless Combat Ready Airsoft cancel the event. (Christmas game if you book on and we have to cancel due to Covid refunds will be given) 

Normal conditions on hold during COVID-19 pandemic

  1. I player has booked in, played then decide to leave of their own accord.

  2. For gun issues: i.e. broken gun or flat battery and and leaving of their own accord.

  3. On pyrotechnics after seal have been broken.

  4. Will be given to player how have broken rules and are asked to leave.


   We reserve the right to keep all deposits due to laying on equipment and staff any remaining game fees maybe refunded.

Restrictions in kit indoors

  1. No box mags allowed (we feel this reduces the skill and is pointless)

  2. Max 40 grenades completely banned on site 

  3. 12 gauge or mag flash pyro

  4. Smoke pyro

  5. Stupid rates of fire over 30 rps

  6. 9m and below on all grenades 

  7. If in any doubt on any of these restrictions please contact us.